Our Mission

Each year thousands of Chicagoans move into unfurnished, supportive housing. We believe a home is not complete without furniture. Our goal is to provide dignity and comfort to our clients by allowing them to hand-pick an entire home’s worth of furnishings.

WHAt we do

The Chicago Furniture Bank serves as an intermediary between Chicagoans who have extra furniture and those who need it. We provide furnishing packages to our clients that include a bed frame, box spring, mattress, couch, armchair, dresser, end table, coffee table, kitchen table and chairs, dish ware, rugs, artwork, and mirrors, among other things. By recycling gently used household items, we create value in three ways:

1) Furnish homes for underprivileged individuals and families

2) Provide a convenient and inexpensive service for people to donate their home furnishings 

3) Recycle furniture that would have ended up in landfills


The Chicago Furniture Bank would not be possible without funding from the University of Pennsylvania's President's Engagement Prize